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Create and capture your sound using the latest recording technologies at VibesBuilder Studios. With our musical and technical expertise, you will find the gear and sound that suits your songs best and makes
them shine. Contact us to set
up a time for your recording session today! A whole world of vintage sound is at your fingertips.



Looking to bring your music to life? Get in touch with us to book your mixing session at VibesBuilder Studios and work with our experienced team to find and realize your individual sound. With our help, you will publish a high quality recording both unique and timeless. Contact us to start mixing today, online or here in our studios!



You already have mixed songs and want to finalize your production with a warm, exciting and honest character? Reserve your next mastering session with us to use our engineer
Yannick's experience, musicality and emotionalism as the final touch. Mail us now to find out more about our mastering rates and availabilities.


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Founded in 2015 by producing, mixing

and mastering engineer Yannick Behrendt, VibesBuilder Studios specializes in combining
old school 70's tones with the advantages of modern technology.


With years of band experience as well as studies in classical singing & audio engineering, Yannick can get you the chorus voices your song was previously lacking or

an improved version of your riff or harmonies.


If you want to let his signature take your music
to the next level, do not hesitate

to ask for a request

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if you want to bring your project to life with us! For general questions please send us an email.

Hatzurodestr. 36, 41812 Erkelenz

phone: (+49) 1577 2059508

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