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Welcome to



The New Way of Analogue Sound


Our experienced team of studied musicians and engineers will help you get your songwriting and arrangement to another level. From a neutral perspective, our experts will enable you to shine the best possible light on your music and excite your fans.


Mixing your songs is what shapes all your musical ideas into your individual sound. Understanding and feeling your music is crucial for this step. Check out the web player below and persuade yourself of our ability to create unique and timeless music with you.


You already have mixed songs and want to finalize your production with a warm, exciting and honest character? Then external mastering is probably the way to go. Our final touch will guarantee your music sounds great on any sound system.



VibesBuilder Studios v1 _2d - Transparen
VibesBuilder Studios v1 _2d - Transparen


VibesBuilder Studios v1 _2d - Transparen
VibesBuilder Studios v1 _2d - Transparen

Band Vacation

Stay at our vacation home and enjoy a band holiday on the countryside while producing incredible music. Our beautiful farmhouse will provide just the atmosphere for you to clear your mind and enhance your creative workflow.

Strategy Coaching

Only if your marketing and presentation are spot on, both online and physical, you can progress as efficiently as possible. That's why we provide coaching and gigs with our partner locations while you stay with us. Mail us so we can talk about the details.

Remote Production

You feel the need to step up your own music production game and you'd like some know-how and professional guidance? Worry not - but set up a free strategy call with us. We'll look at your situation and tell you exactly how to continue from here.

Our Sound

Our Sound


About Us

Founded in 2015 by producing, mixing

and mastering engineer Yannick Behrendt, VibesBuilder Studios specializes in combining
old school 70's tones with the advantages of state-of-the-art technology.


Years of band and production experience as well as studies in music & audio engineering enable Yannick to set you and your songs up for the music world - covering the full spectrum of music aesthetics with his team's abilities.


If you want to let his acoustic signature take your music to the next level, do not hesitate

to ask for a request

Our Studio


VibesBuilder Studios v1 _2d - Transparen
VibesBuilder Studios v1 _2d - Transparen

"I have worked with VibesBuilder Studios

remotely for my last two productions and can honestly say I will be using Yannick on all of my future projects.“


- Chris Royer -


Contact Us

if you want to bring your project to life with us! For general questions please send us an email.

Hatzurodestr. 36, 41812 Erkelenz

Thanks for your request!

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